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Is Teen Obesity Becoming An Epidemic?

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Obesity amongst our teens, pre-teens and adolescent children is seeing a sharp rise over the last few years. It is estimated that in upwards of 30 percent of the youth populations of Canada and the United States are overweight. Obviously this brings about concerns among parents, doctors and educators.

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Is A Youth Volunteer Program Right For Your Son Or Daughter?

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As parents we often worry about our kids. How are they doing in school? What will they be when the grow up? What types of adults are we raising? These questions are asked by every parent. One way to raise your child to become a good adult, experience life, and gain some history of working with people are through volunteer programs. But what types of programs are available and how do they fit into a long term plan?

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Helping A Teen Cope With Suicidal Thoughts

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If you are a teen considering suicide, or, if you are a parent, sibling or loved one who knows someone who isn’t happy with life, you should know there are many options for help. First, you must understand that thoughts of suicide amongst youth are unfortunately a fairly normal experience. Growing up brings it challenges, and sometimes things seem quite overwhelming. If you are searching for help for your friend or family member in this predicament here are some thoughts to help you help them.

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REST Super Youth Diversion Program

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Our organization is heavily involved in many youth diversion programs, but there are many other successful diversion programs around the world that are worthy of recognition. One such program is the REST Super youth diversion program that has been running in Australia since the 1990′s. This program has been so successful that other programs have begun using many of the same techniques to improve the success rates of their diversion programs. We wanted to take a look at the program for ourselves and were invited to join the team in Sydney late last year.

The aim of the program
The aim of the program is to help struggling and disadvantaged teens and other young people. The main aim is to make contact with first time juvenile offenders in an attempt to help them avoid a life of crime. The program also offers support for those addicted to substances and for homeless youth. The main form of support comes in the form of counseling and basic assistance (such as food and accommodation). Legal support is also provided and the program works closely with the local juvenile court. The program runs in many Australian cities and regional areas and is expanding to another 14 locations in 2014.

How the program is funded
The program is fully funded and supported by the Australian pension fund provider REST Superannuation. This company has a long history of supporting community events and programs and the support they offer to this program should be applauded. You can learn more about REST Super in this detailed article. Other funding comes from government and community grants and many resources are donated from local businesses.

Success rate
The program has a very good success rate and it is estimated that 77% of offenders avoid criminal convictions within a year of being a part of the program. The two year success rate is 69%, which is almost unheard of for this type of program. The organization also supports thousands of homeless youth across the country and offers 3,200 free substance treatment places each month. The success rate of these treatment programs are unknown, but we spoke to many of the participants of the program who had beaten their addictions and they had high praise for the program.

What we (and other programs) can learn
One of the main lessons from this program is to try and engage with major corporations for funding and support. This takes so much pressure of the organization and allows it to focus solely on supporting young people. Without this support the program couldn’t possibly be as successful as it has been. The other lesson is to engage with law enforcement and become a mediator between the justice system and young offenders. Working together is a great way to create trust and to build the reputation of your organization. We also like the fact that this program has many different aims and it is designed to tackle many social problems that affect young people. We have also decided to join forces with to help young people get access to their records. This makes it much easier for them to apply for government grants and get work.

The REST Super Youth Diversion Program is a gold standard that other organizations should be attempting to follow. We are already implementing some of the recommendations into our program with great success.

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How Teens Can Earn Extra Money

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Parents often give their teenage kids allowance, which they need to manage to last for a week or the month. This is one way for them to learn basic financial management, which is very important, especially once they are already on their own.  Teens who would like to earn extra cash could work part time or sell stuffs. Here are some ways on how this can be done.

Work as an Office Assistant

There are offices that hire teens to work part time. Work usually requires organizing files, answering phones and delivering letters/messages from one department to another. They can find one near the area so it would be convenient for them to go home. There are several companies operating in an office space for rent in different areas of the country, like in San Francisco Bay, so there wouldn’t be any need to go far. Some of these spaces for rent are turned into retail stores and galleries, which may also hire teens to work for them. Teens who prefer to work in these types of businesses rather than a typical office setting may apply.

Sell Used Items

Teens love getting the latest in everything may it be clothes, books or gadgets.  Things that they no longer use may just be piling in their room or even around the house. They can earn from old or unused items by selling them. This can be done online or by having a yard sale.

Create Crafts or Bake

Creative youngsters may also use their talent to earn. They may create accessories and other items that they could sell to people. If they are into baking, they may also use this skill to earn extra cash. This is also a good training ground for them in business management, which they could pursue as a career in the future.

Work Online

Most teens are well versed in the use of computers and the Internet. They can use this to get a job online. Some of the available online work that they can do are data entry, writing, virtual assistance and web research.

Teens may also do different chores for neighbors like throwing the garbage, cleaning the house and walking their pets, especially for the elderly and busy individuals.

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A Vision of Your Future Career

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It’s not easy getting a job at any age but as a youth, it can be even more difficult. You are in a Catch-22 situation – employers want experience but you don’t have any and you can’t get any unless someone gives you a chance.

There are a number of jobs that you can train to do, jobs that require no previous experience because full training is given. One such job is that of a window installer, a person who fits new doors and windows in any type of building.

These doors and windows are supplied by a company like Doors Wide Open, professional suppliers and fitters.

What Does the Job Entail?

You will be required to work as part of a team of at least two people, usually more.  The first part of the job is to ensure that the new windows actually fit the space they are going into it and making the space larger or smaller if necessary.

You may have to remove old windows first and this is usually done using power tools. The new windows are slotted into place and secured in. They are then made weatherproof and all the old debris and rubbish is removed from the site.

You may also be required to fit doors and conservatories as well as new weatherboarding.  There are a number of specialist jobs within this career; ones that you will have a chance to train for once you have some experience under your belt:

  • Fire Resistant Windows

Real specialist knowledge is required to fit these, to ensure that a proper fireproof barrier is provided for safety reasons.

  • Film Applicators

Again, a very specialized job that entails applying films to glass. These films are used for security, for privacy and sometimes, as a barrier against the weather.  This is how bulletproof glass is made, by bonding together layers of glass with polyurethane or polyvinyl-butyral.

Expect to work a 38-40 hour week, possibly with overtime and weekend work included.  You will work in and out of doors although the wet and winter seasons may not be so busy.

You must be proficient at using ladders and not have any issues with heights; heavy lifting is a requirement of the job and a full driving license is referred although, if you are working as an apprentice this may not be necessary.

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Teen Depression: How Volunteering Helps Kids with Depression

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Lots of teens like to identify as being depressed. Sometimes though, it’s just the natural moody behavior of kids that age. Of course, that doesn’t mean teens can’t get depressed and dismissing the symptoms might lead to some dangerous situations. A teenager can do some very risky things when they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. A parent always wants to help their children, but you might not understand the signs when they first appear. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you should watch out for.

1. A Lack of Enthusiasm
This is one of the hardest signs to pinpoint because usually, teens can be a little lazy. The real danger here is that sometimes, you won’t be able to tell if they’re really not determined to do anything. Ask them about their interests and see if that sparks their interest. If your kid doesn’t wish to do that, or do anything for that matter, and these stints last for weeks at a time, then they might be depressed.

2. They Tend to Fluctuate in Weight
Another sign of a depressed teen is that they tend to fluctuate when it comes to weight. Either they lose interest in eating, or eat too much, some teens compensate for their upsetting feelings through food.

3. They Can’t Concentrate
Concentration is important in a teen’s life. Without it, their grades might slip, or they may not be able to participate well in group activities. This symptom is the easiest to identify because all you’ll need to do is watch and see if your child spaces out or doesn’t follow through with tasks ahead of them.

Your next step should be to look for a therapist. After a few sessions, the teen’s overall mood might brighten. Of course, there are some things you can do at home to make your child a little happier. You might have seen a few pamphlets here and there, or other paper materials that talk about home treatments. However, if you’re willing to try something new, here are some alternative methods of treating depression.

Video Games
Not a lot of folks consider video games to be healthy, and truth be told, overexposure to games can lead to antisocial behavior. However, in stable bursts of a few hours at a time, video games can help a kid feel like they’re achieving something. It’s the combination of small, goal based gameplay and decision making that will help them feel a little more confident.

Volunteer Work
When your son or daughter starts to get a little better and a little more social, then the next alternative treatment is to ask them to volunteer. Small acts of philanthropy coupled with group interactions, can be a positive experience. At the same time, they also get to meet new friends.

Dealing with depression is a hard experience for the one suffering it and for those around them. Spreading awareness of the ailment using copy machines and numerous kinds of pamphlets and papers will help. So why not your part to let people know the dangers of depression?

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Studies and research show that teenage girls are more likely to suffer depression than boys are and some of this is down to body image and appearance.  The media has a great deal to answer for – every day our children are bombarded with films and music videos, stories in magazines and newspapers about the oh-so-slim celebrities of today and this leads to a great deal of negative thinking from teenagers.

Why Can’t I Be That Slim?

Most of the models we see portrayed today are not slim.  They are thin and there is a world of difference especially when their figures are gained by unhealthy means such as not eating properly.

Teenagers of today need to be shown that, while appearance does matter to a certain extent, under-eating or starving themselves to the point of being emaciated is not the way to go. It is unhealthy and it isn’t a true representation of how the female figure should look.

How Do I Look Good Then?

Dressing right for your size is the first step. If you are of a larger size, you don’t need to wear tents to cover it up. Show it off instead. Revel in the fact that you are a healthy teenager. And remember, if you think you are a little on the podgy side, its most likely puppy fat anyway.

Eating properly is a good start, not starving yourself. If your hair looks lifeless, do something about it. Get mom to buy you a curling iron and get to work on it, give yourself curls that other girls will be jealous about. Look at this site, see what the best curling iron is and then go get it.

Health is More Important

How you perceive your image has a direct impact on how you feel and that is why so many teenage girls sink into depression.  Remember that health is way more important than how you look. Remember that most of those women you see who are ultra skinny probably have health issues – you don’t and you don’t need to.  Your teen years are to be enjoyed – they’ll be gone before you know it. So instead of worrying about what you look like, buy yourself a treat – some great information on the best curling wand here – pep yourself up and go have some fun.

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Common Problems Faced by Our Youth Today and How We Can Help

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“Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future”. This is a popular saying that is actually true. The children of today will grow up and they will be the next businessmen, leaders and professionals that will continue to build our nation. However, the sad truth is that many of our future hopes are at risk of not reaching their full potential due to various issues. Most of the problems that the youth face today are correlated with each other.


With the economy getting tougher, it’s difficult for parents to provide for their kids, especially those that belong to a big family. Some children are forced to stop going to school and may not even have all their basic needs. This could also lead to other problems such as stealing and joining groups that have bad influence.

Lack of Education

Another common problem that many youth faces today is the inability to go to school. Education is an important factor in building a brighter future for them. While there are people who become successful without getting a degree, there are still more opportunities for those who have finished their studies. As mentioned, some of them don’t have the means to go to school, which is why they are forced to stop. Others have the means but they don’t have the motivation to do it.


Kids nowadays are exposed to violence. They may see it on TV or even witness it with their own two eyes. This doesn’t just happen to out of school youths, as there are stabbing, shooting and other violent incidents that happen in schools. Guardians and teachers should work hand in hand to get to know the kids better and guide them in the right way.

Alcohol and Drugs

Smoking was considered a huge problem for youth in the past years. However, it became worse since many of them are now involved with drugs and alcohol. These vices could cause several other problems including low grades at school, violence and more.

The good news is that there are programs that aim to help these kids like the Child Sponsor program of Unicef. Those who would like to help these kids may get in touch with these organizations and charitable institutions.

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Living Through Your Teenage Years with Healthy Self-Esteem

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Nowadays, many teenagers like you have been bombarded by so many images of flawless models and skinny celebrities in media that they become depressed about what they feel society expects from them. However, adhering to society’s equation of what is beautiful can have harmful effects on your self-esteem, because there is a constant pressure for you to fit into a mold that emphasizes all that is skin deep. However, your teenage life shouldn’t be defined by that, so boost your self-esteem and happiness with the following tips:

Embrace Who You Are

At an age when you are experiencing a lot of pressure in school, it is hard to fit in if you aren’t like the others. However, being someone you are not can make you unhappy and lower your self-esteem. Know who you are and love every aspect of yourself from head to toe so you can be truly happy without pretending to be someone you’re not.

Be Positive

At first, it may be hard to maintain a positive attitude in the face of so many challenges in school and at home, but a crucial factor in having a healthy self-esteem lies in your ability to channel negative energy and words from your surroundings into a positive one. Hanging out with a crowd full of peers who have happy and positive dispositions is also great, as they can provide affirmation and support in your times of need.

End the Comparison

When peer pressure and other people’s expectations get to you, the tendency is to always compare yourself with others. However, this always leads to competition, frustration, and disappointment. By ending this destructive cycle of comparing yourself to others, you will become happier without the pressure of always going against someone or something.

Take Care of Yourself

While a healthy self-esteem comes from within, sometimes it also comes from taking care of yourself. For example, if you are acne-prone and it diminishes your confidence and activity in school, you can consult dermatologists for acne treatment in Gwinnett County listed in this site. Remember that being in-tune with what your body needs is one step towards boosting your self-esteem.

These words of advice are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to raising and maintaining a healthy self-esteem during your teenage years.

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Michigan’s Youth Build Program Helps Troubled Teenagers Rebuild Their Lives

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In Michigan, there is a program that aims to prepare students for employment in the construction industry. It’s called Youth Build and it aims to help troubled youth in rebuilding their lives by learning how to build houses or buildings.

What Is Youth Build?

Youth Build is a seven-month program that leads to a high school graduate equivalent degree. It is centered on learning construction skills with the prospects of building a career in the construction industry. It is a program sponsored by Bethany Christian Services.

Aside from the construction skills training, Youth Build also aims to teach life skills to students. M Live interviewed some of the students who have completed the program and one of them gladly shared how Youth Build helped him get through his personal issues.

Youth Build training has both classroom instruction and actual construction learning experiences. According to Ryan Nettesheim, the supervisor of Bethany Christian Services department, Youth Build has been successful in preparing students for college and careers. The program has successfully graduated 15 out of 21 students for the first batch. These students may decide to continue with their college education or they can already start seeking employment with the construction training skills they have acquired through the program.

Career Opportunities

Those who have completed the seven-month Youth Build program can proceed to pursuing careers in construction management, construction administration, and other related fields. Some may even aim to enter public service or politics after acquiring expertise in construction administration and city planning. For business minded students, successful metal roofing contractors like the ones listed here can serve as inspiration for putting up their own firm. On the other hand, they can also apply as junior roofers for roofing contractors looking for assistants. This is a good way to garner more experience in the field.

Limited Slots

Unfortunately, Youth Build does not accept just anyone who wants to be part of the program. The slots are limited. There is a tryout held to find out who qualifies. The tryout lasts for two weeks and it is called the “Mental Toughness” level. It is designed to ultimately find out who among the participants are really serious about fixing their lives while learning a new skill that can be used in finding employment opportunities in the future.

Tryouts for the next batch of Youth Build will start in July. Also, there are weekly orientation sessions to be held on July 8, 15, and 22 for those interested in getting trained with Youth Build. Additional orientation sessions have also been scheduled on July 10, 17, and 24.

Youth Build is doubtlessly a very good program that helps the youth. Hopefully, it can be adopted in other cities in other states. Also, it would be great if the specialization will not be limited to construction skills. Providing learning and training opportunities in other fields such as the arts or entrepreneurship can attract more students. Obviously, not everyone would want to work in the construction industry. It will definitely be great having other career options.

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Creative Ideas for This Summer Break

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After months of hard work at school, summers is the time to rejuvenate, and bring out productive creative juices to work. Each one of the teenage lot seems to be busy planning and putting the last pieces together for their summer break plans. If you haven't gotten down to making up your mind as yet, here are some creative ideas that can get you rolling for this summer break. Plan ahead, form a group and enjoy the productive and fun activities to the core. 

Set a Private Space for Entrepreneurial Projects
If you have a knack for recycling old household items into objects of beauty or know how to put them to better use, there are loads of people willing to pay a decent buck for that. Or, if you have good socializing skills and innate marketing capabilities, then group up with friends who would like to sell their creative productions or would want to offer a service for people to avail. Make a small setup, either in your backyard or rooftop, and experience the challenges that owning and working for a small business venture behold. For tidbits of how to set a private space that does not cost too much, visit for roofing prices or simply contact Proven Roofers by clicking here. Get in touch with your parents for advice and supervision and enjoy this learning and earning experience. 

Conduct a Summer Camp for Kids
Kids aged between 4 years to 10 years are enthusiastic for summer camps, and so are their parents to inject a good routine in their summer break. If you know what it takes to run a good summer camp for kids, focusing on your areas of interest, for example if its literature then vocabularly development games and activities would be nice, or storytelling and artistic projects sessions would be interesting. Create structured workshops, contact people you think might be interested in enrolling their kids and get on the bandwagon of a super productive summer break.

Enroll in a Training or Skill Development Program
If your studies do not leave enough time for you to fuel your passion and spend time learning or working for what you love to do, now is the time. Go for the guitar lessons that you've been dying to take the whole year, if scuba diving is what kept you hooked on the internet for hours, watching it's videos and tutorials, then go for its training and have fun under water. Similarly, there are many soft skill development classes too that can be taken during a summer break. Check out on the latest internet groups and blogs to enjoy the summer by adding a new range of skills that you want to possess. 

Conduct a Charity Based Event
Throughout the year there are hardly any chances of doing social work. Summer breaks are ideal for this cause.  Plan an event or do  bake sale with the aim of reaching out to old homes, orphanage houses or other places that need special attention and care. By doing community work, not only would it increase internal satisfaction, but it will also lead to a path of learning and experiencing the sides of life that we should be grateful for.

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Practical Guides on Preparing for Nursing School

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Nursing is one the most challenging yet fulfilling careers. It involves a lot of patience, courage, perseverance, and hard work. The four years you will spend in a nursing school is not going to be a walk at the park. You will encounter sleepless nights accompanied only by coffee, exams that will squeeze your brain, and unpredictable mentors. In other words, it’s not going to be easy.

So long before you walk into your first nursing class, make sure to follow these guidelines to effectively prep yourself up for the nursing years ahead:

1. Interview a nurse. Know the battlefield, as they say. If you’re going to be a nurse, you have to know what it’s like to be a nurse. If you have a friend who is a nurse, talk with them about their experiences, lessons learned, regrets, and tips on how to excel. If you don’t know a nurse, contact a nearby hospital and ask for an interview with a nurse. Chances are they will be happy to entertain you.

2. Volunteer in healthcare centers. What better way is it to get a first-hand experience but through volunteering. Healthcare centers, whether for elderlies or infants, most often need volunteers. You can learn a lot, plus it can be an experience you can put on your résumé.

3. Read basic nursing materials. Familiarize yourself with the subject matters in nursing. This will allow you to get a grasp of what you will be learning and if you think you are up to it. Exposing yourself to these things, plus that in number 2, will allow you to gauge if you are really fit for nursing. Additionally, it will help to read or watch news on the medical field. This way, you will get a background of the state of the medical field in your state or country, and what it can mean to you and your future career.

4. Participate in nursing online forums. The web is scattered with forums wherein nurses discuss issues and experiences with each other. Often, nurses can pose a question to the members and the members will provide useful feedback. This will help you get an “insider” view of how nurses think, what they experience, and how they handle these.

5. Invest. Start investing in things you might need as a nursing student. Uniforms are provided by the school, but shoes are often not. Shoes are very important because nursing involves a lot of standing and walking. Improper shoes can cause back and leg pain. Therefore it is vital that you get only the best nursing shoes such as Danskos and Klogs. You can read a comprehensive review on the best sneakers for nurses here. Invest also in nursing handbooks that you think will help you learn about nursing way ahead of the start of your school.

6. Train time management. Time management is one of the most important skills you need to have if you’re serious about nursing. You have to plan your day and stick to it so that you can attain your daily goals. Start now by scheduling your meals, study time, play time, and sleeping time.

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Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful!

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It's hard for our youths today to feel good about themselves especially in the face of popular media and celebrity. Turning on the TV we are compounded by images of "beauty." We see "America's Next Top Models" that seem to weigh too little and at times show too much. We see women constantly objectified to sell products like perfume, makeup, and clothing. Yet, we expect our young women to understand these images, objectively regard them as unrelated to their self-worth, and choose to feel good about themselves despite not meeting these obvious beauty standards. It is impossible for young girls to do that. In fact, most young girls will aspire to look like the women they see on their TVs, in the magazines they read, in the movies they watch and on the internet websites they browse. 

The Beauty Standard

Not only do we create a beauty standard in popular media. We magnify it, perfect it and put it forth as "real." As adults, we come to understand that most of the images we see, if not all, are photoshopped. There are certain lighting techniques used, certain angles taken advantage of and certain clothes properly placed to make a woman seem like the perfect ideal. For a young girl going through changes emotionally and physically this is extremely confusing! Who decides what is beautiful? Who decides what is perfect? Who decides what is right? No one! In reality, it is all relative. Also, most of the women and celebrities that we consider "perfect" don't even look like one another! Is Beyonce the feminine ideal? Is Britney Spears? Is Rihanna? The answer is no. None of these women are the beauty ideal. Believe it or not there are people all over the world who would find these women unattractive or unappealing. Yes… I promise that is true. Maybe it seems hard to believe but in reality, it is true. That is because as stated earlier, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That means the better you feel about you the better you look. It's that simple! 

Making Healthy Choices for Healthy Reasons

Most of the time people believe that looking good is priority one and feeling good is the bi-product. The truth is that feeling good should be priority one and looking good becomes a bi-product. If you feel good and make healthy life choices, for example, eating nutrient-rich foods, working out and getting enough sleep, you will eventually look your best. Trying to lose weight with fad diets in order to look like your favorite celebrity will only end in disappointment. Plus, what you read in magazines isn't always true. Just because you read that your favorite singer or actress lost a substantial amount of weight in a short amount of time doing a certain diet, doesn't mean that's how they actually did it. It doesn't even mean they did it! Those photos can be photoshopped or taken out of context! So do yourself a favor. Feel good about yourself and the rest will follow. Make healthy choices. One day, if you've done the hard work and put in the time but still want to make some changes to your body, revisit it then. A tummy tuck isn't a bad thing but making healthy choices when you are younger can save you time and money down the line!

Taking the Leap of Faith

If you are serious considering cosmetic surgery, it is highly advisable to be fully informed about the procedure – benefits, risks, cost and recovery time by requesting a consultation with reputable surgeon in your area. If you reside in the United States, click here to learn more about tummy tucks in Austin. For Canadian residents, check out Calgary Plastic Surgeons for more information on tummy tucks in Calgary: click here! 

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Is All-Terrain Driving Safe For Kids?

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Teens are hungry for adventure – that’s a given fact. Whether it’s a thirst for knowledge, experience, or new things, teens are thrilled with new things. We all went through this phase in our life when we feel that acquiring new things or new experiences validate us all the more into the world of adulthood.

One of the current obsessions of teens nowadays is the search for adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities. Hiking, trekking, surfing, mountain climbing – teens love these stuff. One more thing they love is rough terrain driving.

Driving off-road using huge all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) is so adult-like that many teens crave to not only do it but to master it. ATVs have become available in the US market since 1970s and have attracted more and more sports enthusiasts.

Along the increase of users is the increase in the number of injured and even killed kids because of rough terrain driving. In 2011, 15 percent of the all-terrain vehicle deaths involved teenagers. This translates to thousands of killed teenagers every year.

Rough terrain driving is not illegal and should not be. However, there are some major safety guidelines that we should all remember whenever teens drive ATVs:

1. No kids aged below 16 should drive. This is most often the requirement of majority of the states. Kids younger than 16 are too young, uncontrolled, and untrained to let them risk driving an ATV.

2. No driver’s license, no ATV driving.  This should be a must. If you aren’t qualified yet to drive a normal car, who’s to say you can handle driving a huge ATV?

3. Never ride a 3-wheel ATV. Yes, there are three-wheeled ATVS, and they are seriously unstable. You can lose balance with it any time. Play on the safe side and use 4-wheeled ones instead.

3. Never let them drive with a passenger. ATVs are designed for one rider only, and that is obviously the driver. Having a passenger increases the risk for outbalance and accidents, therefore no teens should have a passenger.

4. Make sure all vehicle parts are secure. This is pretty obvious but merits a mention. Make sure the ATV gears such as wheels, brakes, 2wd lift spindles, and gears are well-functioning and secure. If you want to see ATVs with guaranteed secure parts such as dodge ram 2wd lift spindles, click here.

5. Wear helmet. I can’t stress this enough. Helmets act as life savers in so many vehicular accidents. The basic rule should be if you don’t a helmet, don’t ride.

6. Wear other protective gears. Aside from helmets, riders should wear eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and boots.

7. No drinking nor smoking. If you’re intoxicated, you’ll most likely meet an accident. Driving an ATV requires extreme focus and presence of mind. If you want to survive and come out of it alive, don’t attempt to drink even a glass of beer.

Following these rules will not guarantee a safe trip all the time, but they will certainly reduce the risk for accidents. 

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Can Depression In Young People Be Improved With A Fish Oil Supplement?

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One of the issues affecting many younger people is the onset of depression. The implications of depression are worrying, particularly for parents, and as a result there is much research being done into ways to limit or reduce the effects of depression.

There are of course many ways to attack this problem and one we wanted to talk about today is the use of omega 3 supplements, or what otherwise called fish oil supplements to combat depression.

There is research evidence showing that the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids can affect mood. It appears there’s a number of ways this can happen and the research is still not clear on exactly how the omega 3 fatty acids can improve mood.

Of course there is not just one omega 3 fatty acid, there are a number of them. The most important are DHA and EPA and the research seems to suggest that EPA can have a positive effect in the treatment of depression.

Of course omega 3 is only one aspect of treatment of depression, there are a whole range of other things that one can do, however increasing the intake of the omega three essential fatty acids is certainly one way to improve, possibly, the outcome.

Unfortunately there are no black-and-white answers. It is not 100% clear exactly how the omega 3 fats can improve mood. It’s not 100% clear which of the omega 3 fats will improve mood and it’s also not 100% clear what dosage of omega three fat should be applied. These questions are still being researched.

However there’s a range of health benefits which can be attracted by increasing the intake of omega 3 and so even if the dose is a little high or low or even if the wrong mix of DHA and EPA are being taken there will be other health benefits as well. For instance the American Heart Association recommends that we all have a certain minimum intake of the omega 3 fatty acids.

The next question is how to take your daily omega 3? DHA and EPA are primarily found in oily fish and if your diet is high in oily fish then this is a very good source of the omega 3 fats.

Unfortunately fish is becoming extremely expensive and there is also significant evidence that much commercially available fish now has low levels of contamination, for example by mercury, and there are suggestions that eating fish to any great degree could be a health issue. There is even warnings against pregnant women eating fish for this reason.

The other possibility is to take a high quality fish oil supplement. Sadly some fish oil supplements on the market can be contaminated because they are manufactured from contaminated fish oil, and a recent court case against several manufacturers highlighted this. So for this reason it’s extremely important to do your research on any fish oil supplement that you may consider buying.

Where do you research to find the best fish oil supplement? Here

So if someone in your family is suffering from depression, particularly one of our younger citizens, do a little homework on the benefits of omega three fatty acids for depression. He might not have immediately thought of this, but it’s well worth pursuing.

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